The Trilogy:

  • The Work (37 min) Begins with my return to Krakow,Poland in the summer of 1981.  My personal Holocaust story with photographs of my family,the ghettos,deportations and mass executions.  The art of Jewish and Polish survivors and documentary photographs depicts the camps I was in, including Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • My Hometown Concentration Camp (23 min) documents a tour I led in 1997 of the Krakow ghetto and Plaszow Camp. The Holocaust so impossible for any human being to grasp, becomes less abstract and more real with the telling of personal stories.
  • Process B-7815: My Auschwitz Tattoo (99 min) details my long and ultimately rewarding healing process and the need of others, in every generation to confront the truth and their own responsibility for making the world a place where such horror can  never be perpetrated.
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In 1981, an aging Holocaust survivor encounters repressed memories and revisits a horrific site he hasn’t thought about since he was a child: the remnants of the death camps in Oswiecim and Brzezinka, Poland. In WWII, Bernard Offen lost most of his family to the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau and other Nazi brutalities. This Film Trilogy records the heart-wrenching journey of his difficult attempt to process the unimaginable cruelty of a lost childhood.

Hawaii and the Holocaust (30 mins) While working in Hawaii on this film, I met American Liberators of concentration camps near Dachau Germany, who said,  “The liberated prisoners were just walking skeletons. Were you one of those…Bernard Offen?”  Thus the title Hawaii and the Holocaust. $13.95 + shipping

“It’s another beautiful day in paradise.  Why would anyone want to leave THIS place and go to hell?  Some people think I am crazy to go back there. Oh my God, I’m about to return to a horrible place.  The snake pit which  once existed for me.  Life has taken me on the path where I could see the light beyond the darkness.  I fear the world hasn’t learned what has transpired there.  A nation went mad and created murder factories.  I must do this.  Some people say to me, “Move on already.  But who is going to tell the story of mass murder?”

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