Most of us have some historical knowledge about the Holocaust. A plethora of material is available from historical, political and social perspectives. But scholarly information is not enough.

We must also take a close personal look at this atrocity and make the connection to current events and our daily lives. It is one thing to read a history book about the Holocaust; it is quite another to hear a personal account of what happened from someone who lived through it.

As a way of witnessing, and to better understand what happened, we will visit historic sites in and around Krakow, my birthplace, and places where my family and I lived and experienced the war. The tour will include:

  • The Krakow Ghetto
  • Plaszow concentration camp
  • Kazimierz (the old Jewish Quarter)
  • Polish/Jewish – Polish/Catholic sites
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • View my film”The Work”, my family’s Holocaust experience
  • View my film “My Hometown Concentration Camp”, documentary of 1997 walks

The purpose of this pilgrimage and seminar:

  • To learn now the lessons of the Holocaust.
  • To experience some of the actual sites where this global tragedy occurred.
  • To use our experience of this pilgrimage as a tool to reflect deeply into our own lives and souls about the true roots of this evil.
  • To use this new understanding to promote a profound spiritual healing that has the power to transform the quality of life on our planet.
  • To use this knowledge as a path to healing and wholeness.

What will make this journey special is that a survivor’s personal perspective will be addressed and expressed in many ways. Bernard Offen, who survived five camps, will lead the tour. Bernard’s personal courage, to revisit the sites of the camps and ghetto that he and his family were in, is unique. The processing, questions and dialogue that will occur throughout this journey will offer lessons to be learned from this dark period in history.

Time is passing. Soon, the generation who experienced the Holocaust will no longer be here to tell and show us what happened. In a very few years, it will be too late; only the history books will remain. The time to make this pilgrimage is now.

Join us for a 4-day experience that can become a most powerful force for a new way of looking at the world.

By arrangement only.